Rock Climbing

Climbing in Bruil

Once you reach main settlement called "Frazione Bruil", keep going for 100 metres and park in the covered square or in the square opposite Foyer De Fond (the structure with raised bridge). From Foyer, walk along the municipal road for 50 m. until you reach the trail marked on the right by the pedestrian zone road sign.

Continue for 150 metres slightly downhill until you see a trail running parallel to the walls (10 minutes in total from the road).

The Rhêmes-Notre-Dame climbing wall was created in the summer of 2006 by the local mountain guide David Pellissier on behalf of the local council. This is a wall with some accessible routes on the left and a nice slightly overhanging wall on the right.

There are ten routes with difficulty ranging from 5b to 7b with fixed pitons and descending chains for breaks.

IMPORTANT: climbing is a sport with a certain degree of difficulty and danger, therefore fundamental training is required. It is advisable to use a rope of at least 50 metres and 10 rows, as well as a protective helmet.

Climbing Granta Parey

Leave the car in the car park in Thumel, then continue on the trail or the road that both lead to the Benevolo shelter (1 hour 50 min. by road, 1 hour 30 min. following the trail).From the shelter, follow the path leading to Punta Calabre and the glacier of Tsanteleina and after about an hour you leave it to get to the start of the route located at the base of a rock looking like the inside of a fireplace chimney with dihedral effect indicating the point to climb (1 hour 30 min.).

There are two routes: "Vicentini" and "Eugenia dance with me"

The "Vicentini" route: the route is about 450 m in length and the difficulty ranges from 5 to 6+ with some parts AO (grades found during opening).

The "Eugenia dance with me" route: the route is also about 450 m and the difficulty ranges from 4 to 5+.

The paths are completely nailed (pistons and fixings).

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