Ganter's Beer Festival

26-27 August 2022

What is Rhêmes-Notre-Dame Beer Festival?

It is definitely an unusual beer festival… It is unusual for many reasons: for the type of beer served, for the glass beer tankards used, for the great importance given to the beer quality…

Also the courses served are very well-finished and so very appreciated.

The beer and courses quality, with the happy atmosphere that distinguishes the event and live music, make Rhêmes-Notre-Dame Beer Festival a unique and unmissable event.

Quality served in the right way

At Rhêmes-Notre-Dame Beer Festival, we decided to offer a non-commercial product and to serve it in the best possible way.

GANTER beer is a beer of undeniable quality, uncommon taste, unpasteurised and with no added gazes, since it is a draught beer pulled in a particular way.

Moreover, the beer is pulled in glass beer tankards of 0,5 or 1 litre, in order to maintain all the beer characteristics, that would be lost if served in plastic glasses.

How is the Festival organized?

The Festival occurs in stands prepared in Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, in località Bruil.

For the Festival, we add a stand to the one present all summer long in order to create one big indoor space. This structure protect from the rain and also from the cold since it is COMPLETELY HEATED.

Next to the stand, there is a big car park.

TENTS AREA next to the festival area. Tests area is absolutely free and available to everyone who wants to join the Beer Festival, having fun without worrying about driving back home…



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