Via ferrata CHIUSA DAL 05 NOVEMBRE 2011

Dedicated to Casimiro Thérisod first guide of the Val di Rhêmes, the via ferrata winds on an exciting path, easily accessible with a few minutes of footpath from the hamlet Chanavey.

It guarantees fun to all thanks to the various possible combinations, the Tibetan bridges, the edge, the Chamois trail; They are some of the most characteristic and exciting passages of this itinerary with a suggestive panoramic view.

Practical advice:

  • For the first few times it is better to be accompanied by someone with experience; this will prevent beginners from making the classic mistakes: for example releasing the carabiner from the cable before having hooked it to the next beyond the piton.
  • There is no strict rule or requirement regarding which way to tackle the via ferrata, but it is a good practice to always move in an upward direction.
  • Always use a harness, a via ferrata set y-type with impact shock absorber and both carabiners.
  • Gloves are recommended to protect your hands (cables can cause injury). A pair of work gloves would be fine.
  • It is important to check all the equipment after each trip.
  • Don't forget the helmet.

Difference in height: 350 m.
Difficulty: AD (moderate)
Climbing time: 1 hour and 30 min. short route, 2 hours complete route
Descending time: 40 minutes short route, 1 hour complete route
Recommended period: June-October


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