Rencontre des Artisans de la Vallée and Twinning Rhêmes-Notre-Dame (AO) - Solarolo (RA)

The “Rencontre des Artisans de la haute Vallée” (high valley artisans meeting) took place for the first time in 1986 with the participation of about 80 artisans from all the Region.

Later called RENCONTRE DES ARTISANS DE LA VALLÉE (valley artisans meeting), the traditional Handicraft Fair, which takes place every year in Rhêmes-Notre-Dame during the second to last Sunday of July, counts on the participation of about 180 artisans from all the Region.

The Fair wants to promote handicraft products and, for this reason, the participation is reserved to the artisans of the traditional sector.

The event include the participation of a Delegation of the Proloco (organization that seeks to promote some particular place) of Solarolo (Ravenna). Twinning from 1997 between the Proloco of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame and Solarolo and from 1999 between the two municipalities.    facebook Proloco Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

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