The high Val di Rhêmes, now the parish and municipality of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, became a holiday resort a few decades ago due to its extraordinary beauty and remarkable preservation of its ancient architectural heritage.
However, not many know that this richness admired by all is the result of the greatest difficulty in the history of Rhêmes-Notre-Dame: its inaccessibility. 

For over half the year, the inhabitants of the high villages would be cut off from the rest of the valley due to the frequent and dangerous avalanches that sometimes isolated the hamlets from one another. It wasn't until after the war that a proper road was built and only since the late 60s has it been possible to keep the road open for much of the winter. Significant investment in road access has now made getting to this little world safe and easy.

Today, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame counts on tourism as its main resource: the construction of suitable hotel facilities, combined with the opportunity to enjoy great Nordic skiing and excellent ski-mountaineering make this a favourite destination for tourists who want to escape the noise and stress of the large ski resorts, looking instead for a cosy and welcoming alternative.

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